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Friday, May 18, 2012

Button Tufting…for a Steal

Spied a few tufted beauties lately and just had to share.

This pretty tufted headboard that Style at Home design editor Jessica Waks sourced for her sister’s condo featured in the June issue is from…The Home Depot! Who knew?

Waks 1145 sister act: see the before...

Doesn’t it look perfect in her fresh and colourful bedroom? No excuse not to have a headboard at this price. If you save on the headboard you can splurge on quality bedding and cushions.

I’m sure you have seen this button tufted ottoman from Target that Danielle posted about.  But if you haven’t, it is ridiculously priced (in a good way!) and so stylish.  We don’t have Target in Canada yet, but it’s coming in 2013 last I heard.

Button Tufted Upholstered Ottoman - Navy.Opens in a new window

You can see the yellow version in Lizzy’s living room below.

If I had access to a Target, I would definitely pick one up and recommend them to clients.

I always scroll down to see where upholstered goods are made, as I try to buy/recommend Canadian first (North American second.)  I was happy to read that both of these items are made in the US! That’s the icing on the cake (or the tufting on the piece!)

Have a happy long weekend! I’m off to the Big Apple on Sunday a.m. so have a trillion things to cross off the To Do list before I go!

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